fixing our schools and universities  

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The greatest gift we can give to the next generation is to provide them with the access to a quality and affordable education.
— Vicky Martinez

Vicky's Plan to fix our Colleges 

  • Have job-creating industries work with local school districts to begin to train young people, so they are qualified upon graduation.

  • Increase PELL Grants for California-based students.

  • Make community college free and provide grants for books and student supplies. 

  • Lobby, Washington D.C., to relieve student debt obligation.
  • Empower Pipeline Programs (Cradle-to-College) that emphasize better futures for our students. 
  • Establish stronger community college-to-university transfer programs. 
  • Work more closely with our local high schools, universities & colleges to create more college credit classes in high school.
  • Work with local trade unions to offer more vocational training.  
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stopping the cycle of student loan debt

Over the last thirty years, our colleges and universities have become increasingly unaffordable. In the past, our public schools were institutes that gave California's best students an opportunity to a quality affordable education. Now, many of California's young people are being forced to forgo their education or graduate with steep student loan debt–that's unacceptable.