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The Green Economy

Green Jobs are some of the fastest-growing employment opportunities in California. These are quality jobs that range from engineering to installation in these areas:

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The rooftop solar industry (rooftop and solar farms.)

Home and commercial HVAC and weatherization.

Wind power.

Liquid biofuels.


Bio Mass.    

What I will do in the state capitol to bring "Green Economy" jobs to the San Gabriel Valley.

Work to provide state grants to our local universities and community colleges to strengthen curriculums and training.

Work with the California Energy Commission and local school districts to ensure our districts access our fair share of Prop 39 monies.   

Support and strengthen rooftop solar incentive programs such as Net metering, so that converting to rooftop solar becomes a less expensive option for working families. 

The key to creating the jobs of the future is innovation and education.
— Vicky Martinez

Across the San Gabriel Valley, families are working harder and earning less. This is a trend that I'm dedicated to working hard to reverse. In El Monte, we have brought smart development projects that provide housing, shopping, and dining services to our community. But none of this new housing is worth anything unless local families have the income to afford those homes.  

That means we need jobs that pay more and offer better benefits. We can't attract those jobs unless we have a better-educated work force. 

Our students need to be trained in these jobs


Robotic engineering 

Computer engineering and programming


LEAD certified construction 

Mental health care 

Civil engineering 

Nursing midwives

I will write a bill in Sacramento that provides employers and school districts incentives to work together to start training our kids as early as middle school.
— Vicky Martinez
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