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"Promoting a clean environment is one of the best things we can do for our local neighborhoods."



California has made incredible improvements in air, water, and land quality by implementing some of the toughest pollution controls in the world. At the same time our economy has grown.  

But we always need to remain diligent to ensure our neighborhoods remain healthy places for our families to live in. In the State Senate, I will promote: 

More green spaces and local parks.

Better neighborhood air quality. 

Cleaner local drinking water. 

Increased bike lanes, bus routes, and mass transit.

Protecting our natural spaces like creeks, rivers, watershed, and old-growth trees.

The oak trees behind me are more than two-hundred years old. Oaks like these dot the landscape of the San Gabriel Valley. It’s our moral responsibility to protect them from disappearing forever.
— Vicky Martinez

We added a bike lane

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"It took some will and determination but today We are adding miles of new bike lanes in El Monte.
In Sacramento, I will write a law to promote simple transportation solutions like expanded bike lanes."
-Vicky Martinez