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Fixing the San Gabriel Valley's Housing Crisis


Nearly 70 percent of working families in California see the majority of their paychecks go immediately to escalating rents.

Homeownership—once a staple of the California dream—is at its lowest rate since World War II. 

The median California home is now priced 2.5 times higher than the median national home.

In the State Senate, I will use El Monte as a model for housing reform. I will write laws to streamline housing projects and to ensure our veterans are never left homeless.
— Vicky Martinez
The statistics are staggering. California has a serious housing crisis and it is really bad in the San Gabriel Valley.
— Vicky Martinez

Recently Governor Brown signed two pieces of legislation aimed at increasing funds for affordable housing. However, working families across the Valley will still be priced out of buying and even renting a home unless our elected officials take decisive action to slow this crisis. 

We have a strong model in the City of El Monte. I am proud that our city has taken the lead on creating affordable housing with a five-to-one ratio for our residents.

Our strategy is simple. We have worked with local residents, home builders, housing advocates and city planners to streamline building regulations. That doesn't mean we're cutting corners but we're not letting unnecessary bureaucracy get in the way of new housing. 

We've also been a leader in creating housing for special needs and homeless veterans with projects like Veterans Village, Hollywood Community Housing, and the Baldwin/Rose Family Veteran Housing development. 

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