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There is no issue more important to creating a safer, healthier, more prosperous, and peaceful society than improving mental wellness.
— Vicky Martinez
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As a city councilwoman, I have implemented a city-sponsored physical wellness program for our residents. The program is aimed at improving people's physical fitness and eating habits and it's been an overwhelming success. Today, local residents from young to old and in-between are living healthier and happier lives.  

As a policy maker, I care deeply about human wellness. After all, how we feel means so much to how well we do in life. That's why one of my main goals as your State Senator is to champion the issues of mental wellness. 

Most of us know mental wellness as mental illness or mental health. I prefer the term mental wellness because that is the ultimate goal. The issues of mental wellness are complicated. They range everywhere from depression and anxiety to schizophrenia. But there are real solutions to mental health issues. Firstly, it's important to understand that mental illness does not discriminate. It can strike at any time and to anyone–gender, ethnicity, social status–mental illness doesn't care.  That's why the issues of mental illness need to be dealt with in a comprehensive manner and everyone needs to take part in the solution. 

One of the main things we can do to help improve mental wellness is to stop stigmatizing and judging people with mental health issues.
— Vicky Martinez
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Create awareness by declaring state resolutions for mental wellness, suicide prevention, and against stigma and judgment. 

Create a statewide suicide prevention program with a well-funded educational campaign.

Provide incentives for first responders to get trained in mental health care. 

Begin statewide pilot programs to divert appropriate detainees from jail and prison to mental health care facilities.

Mandate that all health insurers provide comprehensive mental health coverage. 

Work with local non-profits and NGOs to organize a network of home care mental health workers.