"We need to make sure that reforming criminal justice does Not mean Putting more criminals on our streets."

I believe we need a moratorium of Prop 47 and 57 until we implement effective jail-to-society transitional programs.
 Photo from L.A. Times 

Photo from L.A. Times 

Since 2014, California voters have passed a series of criminal justice measures–Prop 47 and Prop 57. These changes were aimed at reducing prison populations and lowering sentencing requirements. While I do believe that our criminal justice should be aimed at rehabilitation–the unintended consequences of Prop 47 and 57 have brought more crime to our San Gabriel Valley neighborhoods.

The problem is that the propositions failed to create systems for parolees to transition back into society without returning to crime–that's the bad news. But there is good news.  We can create a system that stops crime before it starts. 

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In the state capitol, I will work to bring innovative diversion programs to our communities, and I will work with local police and the sheriff's department to implement them. These programs will provide:

  • A thorough evaluation of first-time offenders by mental health, faith-based, law enforcement and education professionals to develop diversion programs.
  • School-based diversion opportunities such as sports leagues and arts programs for young people.
  • Provide thorough mental health and addiction recovery services. 
  • Promote career training opportunities for offenders and demand accountability. 
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